Letters to Freya: Din Flott-Tante Louise

Hello Little One,

In November of last year, we suffered a loss in our family.  Your Great-Aunt Louise passed away, aged 95.  She was your Bestefar’s oldest sister, the matriarcal figure of the Gjertsen Family at the time, and meant a lot to both your Mom and me.

She met you on three different occasions, the first of which was when you were 4 days old.  In hindsight, and after looking through the photos of that day, I regret that we didn’t get any pictures of you with her that day, nor on any subsequent visit.

I visited her two weeks before she passed away. We were able to have a video chat with you and Mommy, so that she could see and talk to you. She loved that conversation.

One of the things she said to me, is she wanted all of us to know how much she loved us all, how proud she was of everyone, and she didn’t want us to forget her. She wanted us to remember her.

Family is everything Freya. It is something that I talk to you about, even now at just 3 years old. We always love each other, no matter what. We can be angry, and frustrated, and even not like each other very much in the moment. But not matter what, we always love each other.

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