A Side Hustle Economy?

It should be fitting that in a supposed side hustle/side-gig economy, that I sit down to blog about just that…

I read a very interesting article recently, the link to which I have since lost track of, where the author discussed how we are globally moving into what they referred to as a side hustle economy, in which much of the population have a side-gig. Or in some cases, they work multiple side-gigs as their whole employment.

While I think there could be a valid argument for some of this, I think the premise that the economy as a whole is going that direction would be a bit misleading. I think the percentage of people with work that is external to their primary employment, is becoming much more prominent, which is something we can see is very prevalent with the advent and wide use of the internet and personal computers. The increased availability of technology and it’s ease of use has made this easier for those who might be interested.

Years ago I used to have my own company on the side, which through an extensive change of events inadvertently lead me to where I work today at SilverPoint.

Business ownership is not for everyone, and it is something that one should put extensive thought and planning into prior to taking the jump. I recommend anyone looking to do so, to seek good professional legal and accounting advice during your initial planning stages.

At the same time, it can be very rewarding and fulfilling given the right environment and balance.

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