As Canada Votes…

I think few elections I have been able to partake in, have left me feeling so hollow as this one. I have come away from this group of candidates, wondering who it is best NOT to vote, and I feel empty as a Canadian today.

There are so many things which either the party itself or the leadership for that party, is for or against which are dealbreakers for me. Being in the position of voting for the least undesirable candidate/party is so cliche, it’s tiresome. And yet, that is how I feel today more than any other election prior with which I have partaken.

While a civic right as a citizen, I am a firm believer that voting is a civic duty, one far too many Canadians partake in. It is a part of the democratic process that is imperative to implementing change, and forming the country we as citizens want today and in the future. If we don’t get out and vote, what example are we giving to our children. What are we saying to those who lost their lives, to give us this base right?

But as I look at the political landscape today, I fear for the direction the parties in our beautiful country are headed.

I will get out and vote today, of that I am certain. For whom will I be voting, that is a different story…

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