Letters to Soren: Welcome

Hello Buddy,

I had planned to write this weeks ago but (as you will come to find can often be the case) life had surprises in store for us since you were born.

You were born on a Friday morning, and Auntie Alicia missed guessing the time you would be born by less than 10 minutes. Early that afternoon, Bubbie brought Freya with her to come and meet you, and the first thing your big sister did when she came into the hospital room, was come and give you a gentle little kiss. She was ever so excited to meet you, as were we all.

You met your Aunt Jenn and cousin Gwen a little later that afternoon, followed by Uncle Tim and cousin Georgia. Bestemor, Bestefar, and Auntie Alicia all came at the same time that evening. Uncle Mike met you over that following weekend.

The first picture with 3 generations of Gjertsen Men

The next few days were busy getting used to having you at home with us. We had to take Mommy back into the hospital due to some complications thanks to a botched epidural (something you will learn about when you get older). However, all things considered, within a week the four of us were all home together.

As the end of February came, and March loomed, so did an increase in news-feeds around a virus outbreak that was slowly sweeping across the world: COVID-19

The world today (April 4, 2020) is very different than the world you were born into Soren. A lot of people are sick, and a lot of people are dying. It is a very scary time for many, and because of how this virus spreads, we have had to practice social distancing from people outside of our home.

One day I’m sure, we will tell you stories about this time, as I’m sure many things will change between now and then.

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